I joined Parchment in May of 2011, when Parchment acquired MyChances, a startup I built over 4 years.  I've worn many hats at Parchment, but my most recent role is Director of Product Management.

Below, you'll find an overview of my experience at Parchment.

Director of Product Management, Scottsdale, AZ                                             (Aug 2013-Present)

  • Developed & executed roadmap, for team of 6 engineers and 3 PMs.  Completed 25 software projects under the roadmapping process I established.

  • Established process that resulted in accurate project timelines and improved communication

  • Trained and prepared team of 150 employees to successfully launch and support releases.

  • Served as a full-stack PM: I created and maintained a product backlog, prioritized enhancements and defects, created mockups. I wrote user stories and technical requirements, training, documentation, release notes, and ran internal and user-facing demos.

  • Scheduled releases and developed release plans, at times for epics spanning multiple months with cross-dependencies from two engineering teams.  

  • Overhauled e-commerce workflow, handling 6m+ transactions per year, and reducing support tickets per order by 27%. Decreased steps to complete order from 19 pages to 7.

  • Product owner for both back-end technical projects and front-end projects.

  • Designed support tool which reduced average response times from 5 days to under an hour.

  • Use Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and SQL for quantitative product analysis.  

  • Run split testing using Optimizely

  • Managed Chegg lead partnership and optimized lead placements, generating $300k per year in revenue.

  • Created new onboarding process that was adopted by HR for all new hires.

General Manager, Parchment.com, Scottsdale, AZ                            (May 2011-Aug 2013)

  • Merged functionality and users from MyChances.net and Docufide.com into Parchment.com

  • I transitioned Parchment from waterfall Product Management to iterative development.

  • I established and maintained a Product site to announce and store historical information related to releases, including release notes, success metrics, general site updates, and hotfix announcements.  This site became the central source of Product information for Parchment.

  • Performed competitive analysis of lead gen, college admissions, and transcript companies.

  • Ran Google AdWords campaigns.  Used campaigns as research for building SEO pages, which now generate 1,000,000 visits per year with a 20% conversion rate.

  • Designed back to school marketing campaign and software requirements to enable email marketing to all students at participating high schools.  

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