Founder - (Acquired by Parchment May 2011)                                  (2007-May 2011) was a free website and online community for college applicants.  Using crowd-sourced data generated from users of the site, My Chances provided statistical college admission predictions and data-driven college recommendations. The admissions tools were moved to Parchment in 2011.


  • Managed acquisition talks and sale negotiations in acquisition by Parchment

  • Managed business development relationships (Chegg Partnership)

  • Developed website that predicts high school students’ chances of admission at any US college, using a data-driven, proprietary prediction engine (built with R statistical software)

  • API development – I built a lightweight REST API in PHP, enabling third party vendors to show college predictions to their users.  This API is still used (now on Parchment) and forms the basis of our partnership with Unigo.

  • Integrated in-house sign-up and login system with Facebook Connect

  • Sys Admin work – website to new hosting, setting up Production environment, dedicated server for MySQL, and a dev environment with SVN and Trac.

  • Overhauled homepage and sign up pages. Ran split tests which increased conversion rate by over 25%.

  • Solicited actionable product feedback from users, which I used to make UX enhancements.

  • PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, FBML, FQL, Facebook Open Graph APIs, web metrics/optimization.